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Ending Therapy

When I thought about my course of therapy, I worried about hating everyone in group. I was concerned about my individual therapist leaving due to historic occurrences. But I never really considered the end. As is the nature of NHS treatment and psychotherapy more generally, it wasn’t going to last forever. I knew it would… Continue reading Ending Therapy

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MBT: managing emotions

Following on from previous posts, I thought I’d write a little bit about how mentalising has helped me with managing my emotions. A big part of BPD involves experiencing very intense emotions. It’s rare that I am ever feeling balanced, it’s all or nothing with emotion just like so many other things in life. MBT… Continue reading MBT: managing emotions

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MBT: introduction

I have been in therapy for almost 9 months now. My particular therapy is known as ‘Mentalisation Based Therapy.’ I wrote this post over a year ago about my experience in the skills group which I was required to attend before embarking on the full course of therapy. I learnt a lot in the skills… Continue reading MBT: introduction

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Being Kind To Yourself

Over the past few years, I have become very aware of how horrible I am to myself. There’s the question I sometimes ask myself when I’m being mean to me: would you say that to someone else? The answer is always no, that would be really terrible… “You are worthless/gross/useless/disgusting” “You are a fucking idiot”… Continue reading Being Kind To Yourself