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Eating Disorders: Fooling Myself

Today marks the end of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. I haven’t really posted much about how I’m doing with my eating disorder over the past couple of years so felt like it was time to give a little update on where I am on my ‘recovery journey’. I first developed disordered eating at the… Continue reading Eating Disorders: Fooling Myself

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What I Lost to my Eating Disorder

I’m writing this as a reminder to myself. I’ve been struggling with eating disorder thinking recently and I know that I need to be aware of the past and the impact that acting on these thoughts can have. I lost so much time to my eating disorder, letting it take over again would mean that… Continue reading What I Lost to my Eating Disorder

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Who am I without madness?

Who will I be without the “crazy girl” label? If I get better, will people think I’m boring? Will I even exist if my mental illness is gone? Can I hold onto it for a little longer? This is part of my life narrative, where will I be if I am well? These are questions… Continue reading Who am I without madness?

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New Year, Same Diet Culture

The holiday period is often absolute hell for anyone with an eating disorder. Everyone everywhere is eating and talking about food and commenting on weight. Maybe you see your family and they mention that you look as though your weight has changed. Perhaps you have a big family meal when you are terrified of eating… Continue reading New Year, Same Diet Culture


Body acceptance? Society doesn’t want that

In all the time I have been working on getting through my eating disorder, the one key thing I haven’t been able to master is accepting my body for how it is. I think this is one of the hardest thing to be able to do generally, never mind if you have had an eating… Continue reading Body acceptance? Society doesn’t want that

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Laxative abuse

Potentially triggering for eating disorders. When most people think of eating disorders, they think about someone starving themselves, making themselves sick and being really thin. However, eating disorders are a lot more complex than this. A further issue that is becoming more common in eating disorders is the use of laxatives. Many of you might… Continue reading Laxative abuse

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Eating Disorder Recovery

I have been in recovery from an eating disorder for about 3 years. I know it’s fucking difficult and I am far from considering myself fully recovered but I thought I’d try and offer some advice on recovery. It might help someone or at least be interesting to read… 1. Acceptance As cliché as it… Continue reading Eating Disorder Recovery