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BPD: Thriving

Now there will come a time when you start to thrive and live fully even while still experiencing symptoms of BPD. Mental health diagnoses can often feel like a death sentence when you first get one. It runs through your mind that you’ll never be able to manage life, you will always struggle and never… Continue reading BPD: Thriving

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Therapy Worries

Recently, I wrote a series of blog posts about MBT, the current therapy course which I am in the middle of. Most of those posts were very positive but I wanted to add something about potential difficulties that I faced (and which others might) when starting therapy. All these people have it way worse than… Continue reading Therapy Worries

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Mental Health Services: My Experience

I want to start by saying that although this experience is completely personal to me, I have heard many similar stories which show the desperate need for change in our mental health services. At the age of 15, I saw a counselor for the first time with the local CAMHS (Child & Adolescent Mental Health… Continue reading Mental Health Services: My Experience

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I am currently taking part in some group therapy as treatment for my recently diagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder. This therapy is mentalisation based… sounds a little pretentious doesn’t it? I have actually found it really helpful and I still have 4 weeks left. Not many people have heard of mentalisation so I thought I’d try… Continue reading Mentalisation