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Response to PM’s Mental Health Plans

It troubles me to read positive comments about things that the current UK government say about mental health. Last week, the Prime Minister made a speech about mental health and a lot of things I read were about how great it was that she was talking about it and wanting to make changes. Have people… Continue reading Response to PM’s Mental Health Plans

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Switching Off for Mental Health

Terrorism. Austerity. Politics. Brexit. Racism. Refugees. War. Misery. The news lately has been full of horror stories, it usually is. It feels like recently, there have been more atrocities happening than ever or they’re just getting more air time. Watching or reading the news can be beneficial, it allows you to keep up to date… Continue reading Switching Off for Mental Health

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Should we stay or should we go?

The EU referendum is on its way, a chance for people to decide whether or not they want Britain to remain in or leave the European Union. I don’t know about you but, I have found it really difficult to follow all the pros and cons of everything throughout this. It appears that nobody has… Continue reading Should we stay or should we go?

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The Failure of Mental Health Services

“Your care coordinator called, she has cancelled your meeting today.” This isn’t the first time I have had to tell him this. In the past, she has been nearly an hour late without letting anyone know, she has not turned up sometimes and had no reason as to why. The service user has gone through… Continue reading The Failure of Mental Health Services

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The Establishment (are the worst)

I tried to summarise @Owen

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Revolution – Russell Brand (review)

I finally got round to reading Russell Brand’s ‘Revolution’ recently. I had heard mixed reviews and had my doubts because of this. A lot of people were sceptical about Brand’s seemingly sudden interest in politics and the associated activism. I completely understand where this comes from but ultimately, Brand’s messages about politics are well thought… Continue reading Revolution – Russell Brand (review)

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Budget 2015 says "people who are unable to work deserve nothing"

You have probably all heard a lot about the budget from the government which was revealed yesterday. Perhaps you think that it all sounds promising. Maybe you will be better off because of the changes being made. However, there are millions of people who will not. A “budget for working people” is certainly what the… Continue reading Budget 2015 says "people who are unable to work deserve nothing"