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What Therapy Taught Me About Relationships

I talk and write a lot about how beneficial therapy is/was for me. I wanted to give an overview of the changes that happened for me during my course of Mentalisation Based Therapy. This will act as a record for me of my progress and will hopefully allow others an insight into what can potentially… Continue reading What Therapy Taught Me About Relationships

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Ending Therapy

When I thought about my course of therapy, I worried about hating everyone in group. I was concerned about my individual therapist leaving due to historic occurrences. But I never really considered the end. As is the nature of NHS treatment and psychotherapy more generally, it wasn’t going to last forever. I knew it would… Continue reading Ending Therapy

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BPD: Thriving

Now there will come a time when you start to thrive and live fully even while still experiencing symptoms of BPD. Mental health diagnoses can often feel like a death sentence when you first get one. It runs through your mind that you’ll never be able to manage life, you will always struggle and never… Continue reading BPD: Thriving

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BPD: Surviving

Surviving –¬†continue to live or exist, especially in spite of danger or hardship. This will serve as a bit of a guide to surviving with BPD… it’s really about finding what works for you and sticking with it. Remember, as I said in my previous post, that you are amazing regardless or whether you’re just… Continue reading BPD: Surviving

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13 Reasons Why: Mixed Feelings

You’ve probably heard about or seen ’13 Reasons Why’ – this post will be full of spoilers. It’s a Netflix show about a girl called Hannah who commits suicide. She leaves tapes for people to listen to, they detail all the people who hurt her leading up to the suicide. There’s been a lot of… Continue reading 13 Reasons Why: Mixed Feelings

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Eating Disorders: Fooling Myself

Today marks the end of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. I haven’t really posted much about how I’m doing with my eating disorder over the past couple of years so felt like it was time to give a little update on where I am on my ‘recovery journey’. I first developed disordered eating at the… Continue reading Eating Disorders: Fooling Myself

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Sometimes I Need More

A bunch of mental health campaigns at the moment are focusing on the need for people to check in with their friends, to ask them how they are and that’s really good. The necessity comes from the fact that we often get caught up with our own lives and do not always want to hear… Continue reading Sometimes I Need More