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I’ve only just got a chance to sit down and write this – I’ve been moving house, working lots and having emotional breakdowns. But before all of that happened, I had a lovely trip to Prague with my best friend so I wanted to share photos and highlights with you.

The city is incredibly cheap if you go to the right places so a trip is something you can do for a very low cost if you plan well. Onto the fun stuff – here’s what I’d recommend doing/seeing/eating etc. when in Prague.


Eat: Trdelník

Trdelník is “made from rolled dough that is wrapped around a stick, then grilled and topped with sugar and walnut mix.” It’s pretty common to have vans scattered around selling them filled with ice cream. Honestly, it’s incredibly messy but so worth it. On our first evening, we decided to try these and ended up too full for dinner and on a bit of sugar high. Make sure you take a spoon, napkins and be careful if the whole in the bottom is big – this is my friendly advice as eating one on the last day ended in disaster. I looked like a child covered in ice cream and nutella all over my face.


Eat: Lokál U Bílé Kuželky

A traditional Czech restaurant in the Mala Strana area which is super cheap and a great place for lunch or dinner. Most places serve homemade beef goulash which I’d highly recommend (if you’re a meat eater), it’s really delicious and you can order it with potatoes or bread on the side. Ask at the place you’re staying for food suggestions, there are traditional places everywhere – the best tend to be down side streets outside of busy areas.

Drink: Popo Cafe Petl

There are so many cool bars in Prague, a lot of them are underground and allow smoking inside (that is until the end of this month when new laws come in.) We’d been recommended this place by our hostel and went on a hunt for it. The plan was to have a couple of drinks and then move onto another bar and get dinner. We got in there at 6pm and didn’t leave until 4am. The drinks were really cheap, the bar tender was hot and you could smoke inside. There was no reason to leave especially as dancing and  music starts, you basically have a pub atmosphere with dancing in the same place which is great. Cocktails (which were pretty strong) only cost around £3 each and a pint was about £1.50. A lot of bars in Prague are underground and just really cool.

Views: Letná Park, Prague Castle etc.

On our last day, my darling best friend dragged me up to Letna Park whilst I complained about my feet killing me. It was worth it. There’s tonnes of gorgeous views in Prague, just walk up any hill and you’ll get to a point where there’s somewhere to sit and have a beer and enjoy the picturesque city.

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What to do: ‘Free’ Walking Tours

I’d suggest going with Sandeman’s, the tour guides are really engaging and full of information. We went on the general tour and the tour of Prague Castle. The castle tour is very history heavy so not the best when you’re hungover from cheap alcohol but still interesting. The castle is incredibly impressive, as are the gardens, whether you go on a guided tour or wonder around independently, it’s breathtakingly beautiful.

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What to do: Museum of Communism

It’s small but good. I only vaguely remembered the history of Prague from writing an essay about 1968 at university. I’m always keen to go to museums when I’m abroad, I love learning more about history. However, some museums make things super dry and dull. This wasn’t the case here. It only took us about an hour to read/see everything but it was a nice escape from a short downpour.

There you have it – some highlights of my trip to Prague earlier in the month. I really think that it’s the most beautiful city that I’ve visited. The local food is incredible, it’s cheap and the Czech people were super friendly. There was classical music playing everywhere – buskers with violins rather than guitars. It felt very romantic so would be a good place to visit with a partner. I loved Prague and am hoping to visit again in the future.

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Does anyone have suggestions for where I should go on holiday next? I’ve got too many options.

If you’ve visited Prague, what was your favourite thing about the city?

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