mental health


The Time to Change campaign are currently trying to raise awareness for the small things which can help with your mental health. So I thought I would share some of the small things that make a big difference to my mental health.

  • Friends asking how I am and genuinely seeming like they want to know. It’s often expected that when someone asks you how you are, you should just say fine regardless of how you are genuinely feeling. It is really refreshing and makes me feel cared for when someone asks how I am doing and wants the truth.
  • Being invited to things. As someone with a constant fear that everyone around me despises me, I really appreciate being invited to things. I might not always accept due to anxiety or other reasons. But, knowing that someone wants me around is nice. It is so much worse to find out you’re the only person not invited (even if you wouldn’t be able to go…)
  • Getting little gifts/notes from friends. A friend of mine recently bought me a little key ring with ‘fighter’ on it. She left a note with it about how it reminded her of me. Little acts like this can help me to keep going some days.
  • Hugs. Sometimes when I’m feeling particularly bad, I do not want anyone near me. However, there are times when having a hug from someone can definitely calm my anxiety. Hugs help to slow down your breathing so are good if you are in panic mode!
  • Getting messages unexpectedly. Whether it is my mum or a friend, it always makes me feel better when I receive a text that shows someone cares.

It can seem impossible to help someone out when they are having problems with mental health. Finding the right words is so difficult when someone you care about is in such emotional distress. But, these are just some small things you can do that could make a huge difference to someone else’s day.

Think about what small things make you feel better when you’re feeling rubbish. Extend those acts to those around you.

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