Being in your 20s

As a teenager, I always believed that life would be much more sophisticated and sorted out in my twenties. But, nope. It really isn’t.

Just because you are technically an adult does not mean you automatically know how to do adult things. I am forever glad to live somewhere that does not require me to do my own taxes. I do not understand anything about finances really. I spend money and I save money. There’s apparently bank accounts that are better than others. I cannot even begin to understand the concept of interest rates. To be honest, I have zero interest in that. I’m hoping I can get by without ever really understanding money.

We are generation rent. When you watch TV shows as a teenager and see 20 somethings living in lovely houses or flats, IT IS A LIE. I do not know anyone who lives alone that is my age. I do not know anyone who owns a house or is even close to doing so. Renting is expensive but buying a house is so far out of reach. Plus, the houses you might be able to afford in your late 20s will probably be horrible. Currently, I rent a house with 6 other people. If I wanted to live alone with my fiancé, we would have to find 6 months rent for a house to pay up front. I don’t know about you but I don’t have that much money lying around.

Nobody knows what they want to do. Well, not nobody. But, it is more common than not for people to have no idea about what career they want. There will be the lucky ones who did a really specific degree so have it all mapped out. For the rest of us, there is just a lot of uncertainty. There are very few people I know who have a set career plan or who even know what area they want to work in. This seems terrifying. It’s actually not that bad. It gives you the opportunity to try different things until you figure out what you really enjoy. It means you’re not committed to following a certain route and have the freedom to change your mind (this would be more difficult if you were in year 4 of doctor training…)

The hangovers really do get worse. I have always had bad hangovers since I first started drinking. I never believed they could get any worse but they can and they did. It takes a good couple of days now for me to fully recover. I hear that it is even longer and more painful in your 30s…

Friends will come and go. There are so many people I’ve had in my life who have led me to think that they will be around forever. It never really works out like that. Everyone is trying to figure out life, people are always moving around and going travelling. It gets hard to stay in touch with people when you’re meeting new people and have so much going on. Out of sight, out of mind (as sad as it sounds) often applies with friendships as you get older.

Being an adult is not all bad. You’ll hear us complaining about things all the time. That’s human nature though, focusing on the bad stuff. One great thing is you’ll probably get closer to your parents. They could feel more like friends and you’ll start to understand them more. You can eat whatever you want (but the older you get, the more difficult it will be to lose weight) and whenever you want. Cereal for dinner because you are too tired after a long day at work is totally understandable. There is no judgement here. You finally have your own money to spend on what you want (and stuff you need like cleaning products.) This is, of course, after you do the painstaking task of job hunting.

Getting older is difficult. It is difficult for everyone but there are some good things. And well, we all have to grow up eventually so we might as well get on with it.

One thought on “Being in your 20s

  1. This is actually really reassuring. It’s the case for a lot of my (graduate) friends but it’s really good to know I’m not the only one stumbling into the graduate world like this.


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