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Wolf Alice – My Love Is Cool

Wolf Alice came onto my radar at Reading Festival last year. As a live band, they were great. They seemed edgy and different to a lot of stuff that was floating around at the time. It helped that their lead vocalist was Ellie, amazing on stage and another female musician I now wanted to be.

They have been slowly building up a fan base over the past couple of years with releasing EP’s. But, everyone was waiting for the debut album and it was finally released at the end of June. Reviews for ‘My Love is Cool’ have been almost unanimously positive.

The album is great, I just love the whole atmosphere that Wolf Alice manage to create with their music. There are aspects of grunge and rock and pop in there which create a sound which is perfect for a festival. Wolf Alice are playing various festivals over summer and if you happen to be at one, I would definitely recommend seeing them live.

Personally, I prefer the old recordings of Bros and Fluffy. The new recordings on the album do not feel the same. They aren’t as rough around the edges and that, for me, was part of their appeal before. I think that the old recordings might actually have fitted into the album a little better.

The fantastic thing about this album is that it dips in and out of grunge guitars as well as sweet pop melodies. Some people might find the unsettling, perhaps thinking it sounds unfinished and a bit mish mash. For me, it is what draws me to Wolf Alice. They haven’t tried too hard to be consistent, instead the album gives a sense of a journey which has ups and downs.

Something else which sets ‘My Love is Cool’ apart from other albums around right now is the glimmers of positivity. There is very little of the usual ‘cool’ misery found in lyrics from indie bands. Instead, there are lyrics about friendship and having fun and things actually being good. It is refreshing to hear a band using music to remind us that things can be quite fun sometimes.

‘My Love is Cool’ is a brilliant debut album that you really can get lost in.

Best tracks: “You’re a Germ,” “Your Loves Whore” and (despite the re-recording) “Bros”

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