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Saturday @ Reading Festival 2014

Dry the River

These guys have come a long way in the past few years, a great festival band with some lovely tunes. They performed to a pretty substantial crowd on the Main Stage and did a good job of it. Their music is pretty chilled and sounds a bit heavier live than recorded. They were nice to listen to and reminded me of a less annoying Mumford & Sons. They played some new songs from their new album which is set to be released tomorrow which were great so ‘Alarms in the Heart’ will definitely be worth a listen.

Royal Blood

I only caught about 3 songs from these guys but they were fantastic. They played to a huge crowd spilling out of the NME tent. Royal Blood definitely deserve a place on the Main Stage next year and could easily pull in a great crowd. They are just as good live as one would imagine. Songs like ‘Come on Over’ and ‘Figure it Out’ got the crowd going and the band were great.


One of my highlights of the day. I was unsure how they would be live but they blew me away! Harrison is a great front man and his outfit was amazing. They played fan favourites such as ‘Bloodshake,’ ‘Lovesick’ and ‘Money.’ All of which were sung along with and enjoyed. They also performed their new song set for release next month called ‘Lost on Me’ which is just as catchy as one might expect. Seeing them live made me really excited for what is coming next for this band.

Wolf Alice

Another highlight! I love a good front woman for a band and I think I might be in love with Ellie. She has the most mesmerising voice and is a great live performer. She reminds me a little bit of Alison Mosshart. Their sound has got a bit heavier recently and it makes for a brilliant live show. The crowd seemed to love them and were singing along to favourites like ‘Bros’ and ‘Moaning Lisa Smile.’ This band is definitely one to watch and to catch live if you can.

Foster the People

They were really boring. I understand why they were on the Main Stage, they seem to have a lot of fans. But, I was just so uninterested. I thought they would be really fun to see live but I really did not enjoy them.

Imagine Dragons

As Dan Reynolds commented during the set, Imagine Dragons were playing in tiny venues 6 years ago and now they have been on the Main Stage at one of the best festivals in the world. So how did they do? Amazingly well. They are a rock band but they have such a distinctive sound that makes them loved by so many fans. The crowd went crazy for ‘Demons’ and ‘Radioactive’ as one might expect. Imagine Dragons look set to get bigger and better.

Jake Bugg

He played a surprise set on BBC introducing in the afternoon with just his guitar and I won’t lie, he just sounded a little bit whiny and I wasn’t enjoying it. So when he took to the Main Stage in the evening, I didn’t have high hopes. He is much better live with a band than on his own. I still like his music but he seemed to struggle to engage with the crowd at all. Musically, he was good but I understand why people find his singing voice a bit annoying. He’s still very young and I think he’ll eventually find his way with big crowds on big stages.

Arctic Monkeys

Phenomenal. Seriously, they were incredible. The crowd was singing and dancing along to every song. These guys continue to grow and change and still release brilliant material that the fans love. Although ‘AM’ is worlds apart from ‘Whatever People Say I Am…’ they managed to perform songs from both seamlessly and it all sounded amazing. Matt Helders really is one of the best drummers around at the moment and Alex Turner (no matter how ridiculous some people think he looks right now) knows how to write songs and perform. I am so glad that I finally got to see one of my favourite bands live and I was not disappointed!

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