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Graduation – reflections on uni life…

So yesterday, I graduated from the University of Reading with a 2:1 in History & Philosophy. Despite having to deal with depression, eating disorder recovery, anxiety and various family problems, I am officially a graduate. I’m very proud of myself! University was a bit of a crazy experience for me…

First year – I drank far too much but did some work! Living in halls is an experience I would never trade, it was amazing. But also, awful. Lots of rumours were spread about me, something I had never experienced before. I thought adults were above that. It taught me that no matter how old you are, there will always be bullies. There will always be people who act like children. That’s okay though. I learnt about the value of hard work. I met lots of people, some of which I remained friends with, some of which I never spoke to again. Your first year is for experiences and learning and growing, use it.

Second year – I finally had a solid group of incredible friends around me, something I had never had before. We probably went out too much and drank too much but I felt like I was happy! I definitely had a lot of fun and also worked really hard. My attendance in lectures was much better than first year. Towards the end of the year, things went a bit wrong. I was very close to being sectioned and found it very difficult when nobody seemed to be around to support me when I needed them the most. I learnt that drinking to cover up problems was dangerous. Hard work really does pay off! It all taught me that people do find it really fucking difficult to be friends with someone who is emotionally unstable so those who stick around are special.

Third year – drinking less, working more. That’s the way my final year went. Eating disorder recovery became more of a struggle but I dealt with it. Being in a happy relationship really helped with everything. I struggled with friendships but eventually got it all sorted. I missed one lecture all year due to illness. I still had lots of fun with friends without drowning my sorrows. IT ALL PAID OFF!

University was the best and worst 3 years of my life. I would not change any of it for the world because it taught me so much and gave me so much more confidence in myself. But mostly, I met some amazing people that I hope will be friends for a long time. Importantly, I did not let my mental health problems stop me from achieving something huge! Now it’s time for being an adult…

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