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Why all the girl hate?

I hear it all the time:

All girls are so bitchy. I hate hanging out with other women. It’s so much easier to get along with men. Other women never talk about sex, they’re boring.

And the worst thing is. It’s mostly from other women. Not only are these horribly untrue generalisations but they’re damaging to feminism’s quest for equality. If we keep insulting our own gender then men will keep thinking it’s okay for them to do the same and it’s not. These sort of statements just highlight a bunch of stereotypes which are not the case.

Women seem to feel that we are all in some competition with each other. To be the thinnest, prettiest, best at their job. There seems to be this constant desire to be better than other women. Why? Why are we all in competition with each other? It’s not necessary. If we’re competing with each other, it takes away from competing with men. Why can we not be on the same base as men? If we want equality then we need to start seeing everyone as people rather than focusing on competition with only our own gender. This also works the other way. Men will never think there’s a chance of women being better than them.

Let’s all compare women to women and not men then women can never be better than men. Or even equal to them.

On top of this, there seems to be this ongoing idea that other women will get in your way of finding your perfect man. No. Stop. The jealousy and the fear needs to stop. We need to be united as a sisterhood in order to fight for the equality we want. It does not need to be a fight among women but a fight for women.

Women have it bad all over the world. Men rule everything still despite the ongoing feminist battle. So next time you think about judging another women, think again because we get judged enough by society and a lot of men already.

Let’s love each other and embrace the power that women can have if we work together!

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